I had a wonderful little thing last year called the 50 book challenge. And while it was a great personal motivator to start reading the stacks of new books lining my bookshelves, it also was a great way for me to fall short of my promises. I  frequently jump on the bandwagon of a good idea, only to lack the time and motivation for the actual execution of the idea.

So here’s the thing – I actually read 57 books last year. And only posted my thoughts on a small number of them. Suffice to say, I have listed on the right side here links to the books I read and really liked. I know, I know – a copout for the most part. That’s way we roll around here: half-assed and full of good intentions.

Coming up next: books from 2007 that I’ve been reading and not writing about.



  1. I look forward to seeing and being jealous over what you have read. And look: I’m human and you know me (and admit it) – SCORE ONE FOR MOTHERBUMPER!

  2. Suzanne said

    Lovely new place you have here!

    I’ve just started reading The Glass Castle — so far, so looney. Seems promising!

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