I’m still here.

God maybe I shouldn’t be.  Continuing to keep this blog, I mean.  I’m so bad at keeping it updated these days.  Where have I been?

Well….the Netherlands and France for one.   Work has been ridiculously busy.  And I say that in a loving way, because while it’s great that business is booming, I find myself resenting the amount of calls I get.  Work-related calls, of course – all of my friends whom I haven’t called back in too long?  Ummm…I suck.  I know.  All I can say in my defense is that I love you but just can’t talk to you right now.  I’ll just selfishly reappear when I have time again and you can tell me to stick it where the sun don’t shine then.

One thing I have managed to keep up is the reading.  Reading on planes, in hotels, and in cabs helps me keep a dose of balance in my life (albeit too small a dose these days!).  A couple of books of note that are currently on my bedside shelf:

  • THE POST-BIRTHDAY WORLD.  Oh Lionel Shriver how I love thee.  Can you please move in next door and we can have a backyard over-the-fence friendship where we ruminate long into the summer night about relationships and fighting a sense of failure and drink our way through a bottle of red wine and a half-pack of smokes?  Because I know you live in the UK and you’re all Miss Literary Fancy Pants and all that, and I’m just a drab tv person who can recite the synopses from The Real Housewives of Orange County, but really REALLY I think we could hit it off.  Plus, I love your books so there’s that.
  • THE STOLEN CHILD. Now this book was a surprise for me.  I somehow stumbled across it, unaware of its recent popularity.  The only thing I had read about it was that it was a “bedtime story for adults” and god help me, I don’t even know where I saw that.  But can I say one small teeny thing to anybody out there reading this? GO READ THIS BOOK.  Without giving away any plot details, it’s a story of childhood.  Pure and simple.  Childhood, and its painful losses.

So there are two absolutely empty-headed book suggestions. Frankly, I have no brain power left these days so I’ll leave it at that for tonight.  Just wanted to at least duck in the room to wave hello quickly before I duck out again.  But I promise to visit again soon…



  1. Marla said

    Who are you and what have you done with Kate? She doesn’t post on her blog any more! I demand to know who you are, you imposter!

  2. So glad you are still around – and I just read an article about Lionel Shriver and I really want to read We need to talk about Kevin, like yesterday. I dig any chick who rechristens herself Lionel.

  3. Jen said

    Glad to hear from you! And envious of your world travels.

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