frankly, I’m a little lost

Alice has been signing this new song lately, that leaves me a little perplexed.  After the first time I heard it (and, admittedly, after I laughed in utter shock), I was curious to know where on earth she had picked it up. I’m assuming daycare is the origin here, where kids of all ages pick up lovely little ditties that range from cute to offensive.

So this is how it goes.  I’m pretty sure she has the second line incorrect:

There’s a snake in the grass

With a bulb on its cast

Stick it in

Stick it out

Like  good boyscout.

Um. Yes.  That is what my daughter is now singing at the top of her lungs.  Using particular vigour with the words “stick it in, stick it out.”  She obviously doesn’t get the most probable subtext behind this song, and I’ve tried to start the conversation off with “what do you think this song is REALLY about”?  Because all I get are wide eyes and a “snake, obviously, mommy.  It’s about a really bad snake.”

Over to you, internet.



  1. thordora said

    Likely just weird kid stuff. Some of the things that come out of Vivian’s mouth, taken out of context….WOW.

  2. Chichmama said

    Heh! So sorry, I’ve never heard that one, but it would crack me up to hear a small child belting it out. I would have to credit daycare as well…the things that C has come home from school saying make my eyes go wide!

  3. crazymumma said

    pretty funny….who the hell knows.

    distraction distraction distraction. Different songs like um…Highway to Hell or Barbi Girl.

    Good Luck…I hear the beginnings of a rockstar.

  4. landismom said

    Hey, I feel ya. Once, my daughter came home from daycare singing Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet.” Ouch.

  5. momunderground said

    I’m pretty sure this is how Britney Spears got her start … 🙂

  6. Lisa b said

    I have no idea where she got that song but its great.
    I’m really sorry to laugh at your suffering.

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