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The summer is already more than half over and I haven’t been on here in weeks.  I don’t know what happened.  I used to cling to my small circle of blogs that I read and checked on and obsessed over.  And now? Well we’re already half-way through the summer and half-way through the year and I’m walking around feeling a little stunned and off-balance these days.  Work is busy, family is busy, and I seem to just be keeping my head above water.

It’s been so long since I have updated on Alice, so here’s some interesting things I wanted to get down for my own records.

A non-exhaustible list of things that seem to make up Alice Jane at 4 years old:

1) giggly and wiggly:  The child is full of shrieks and yells most days.  She loves a good joke or a good wrestling match – usually in that order.  She does this thing where she just CAN’T sit still – where balancing on one foot is the most still we can get out of her.  Matt and I call it her floppy side – usually that is said in frustration, as in “can you PLEASE stop flopping all over me” as she slides down our legs and bangs her forehead on the floor. 

2) : empathetic:  Easily one of the things I most love about this little wacky girl is her ability to show compassion for other people.  If she senses that someone she cares about feels down and out, she will focus her big brown eyes on that someone and say things like “that’s OK, mommy, I’ll take care of you.”  OK, I know that she might not be showing empathy to EVERYONE in this house, but I get it and for that I am grateful.

3) willful.  Sweet jesus, this part of her will definitely be the end of me.  She entered this world with a tiny fist shaking in the air and I am already taking bets on how we get along during her teen years.  

4) girly. See point #3 and multiply that by a hundred.  If the above does not drive me drink heavily in her teen years, then certainly #4 combined with #3 will.  The pink in all of her clothes alone makes my eyes bleed.

5) hard on herself at times:  Well this is the part that I handed down to her, so I feel so great about this.  Especially when I see her throw away an hour’s worth of beautiful picture drawing because she decided she couldn’t do anything well after all.  We’re both working on this.

I’ll try to be back here again tomorrow.  Or at least in a few days.   There is a lot more of Alice I want to get down.



  1. b*babbler said

    Really, where did the summer go? I can’t believe it’s August, and the rest of the summer is totally booked for us. Gah!

    Four sounds like such a fantastic age! Although I haven’t been there yet, it seems to be that is the line where toddlers really become little people, with all their quirks and personality.

    And yup, I’m pretty sure we *do* know one another from real life. TV, MM?

  2. Perhaps she is getting all the girly stuff out BEFORE she is a teen (will that help you sleep easier at night?). She sounds like a wonderful, smart, and strong girl – just like mom.

  3. crazymumma said

    she sounds delightful.

    but #5 is a kicker isn’t it?

  4. Willful. Sigh. I’m so headed there. SO HEADED THERE. Am afraid. Will pray for it to be tempered by ’empathy’ and ‘girliness’.

    She sounds wonderful.

  5. landismom said

    Hmm, my son is about to turn four, and I have to say, it’s not my favorite age (nor was it when his sister was there). But your girl sounds lovely, and independent.

  6. Suzanne said

    Hey! Good to hear from you!

    Your daughter sounds terrific. I am struggling with willfulness, too — it’s fairly taxing, but I’m hoping it serves my daughter well in the future.

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