so a pregnant lady, 10 online friends, and bag full of onesies walk into a bar…

My relationship with blogging has been somewhat vacillating this past year.  I throw myself in and then take myself out.  I cheer the merits of blogging through the shit of parenthood and applaud the writing of oneself out of loneliness in the middle of the night when the baby is crying or toddler is screaming and all you want to do is crawl into a paper bag and cry.  But then I also feel conflicted about my own place in the blogosphere and wonder if this is really a place for me. 

And then, of course, a night like last night happens and I’m reminded of the best thing this little blogging habit has brought me: real friends.  Surprisingly (seriously, for me, surprisingly), the internet delivered to me a roomful of women who walked alongside the milestones of parenthood with me.

Last night, a group of us gathered to celebrate the impending birth of Nadine‘s baby.  You’ve probably heard me talk about Nadine and Marla before, but be prepared because I’m all mushy these days and ready to spread the love again.  It’s almost been two years since the three of us first hooked up via our respective blogs, and I can say quite honestly the two of them got me through the trenches.  The weeks and months when anxiety threatened to take me down, they were both ready with a shoulder and a smirk:  my favourite combo.   And then I met Jen, whose grace was well matched with a perfect mix of sarcasm and intelligence.  And then Andrea, whose mind works so very very ahead of my own and whom I could spend hours talking with and learning from.  And of course Katie, whom I fell in love with at  first eyeroll.

Then there’s the rest of the MBT crew that was there  – Catherine, Julie, Jana, Kitten Pie, and Kgirl – who all rock in their respective ways, and whom have created BlogHers Act Canada which is a most excellent and important use of blogs I have ever seen.  These fierce bloggers have an obvious love and deep friendship that runs between them, and it shows when they get together. 

Of course despite the blogging that ties us together, we are also all very different women.  We’ve had disagreements and conflicts.  We sometimes stand on different sides of arguments.  And god help anybody if any of us feel backed into a corner and defensive – we are all smart fierce mamas, after all!   But we respect each other and our right to disagree.  We all love our children, and walk the same line of mothering and guilt, adoration and a need to bolt for the closest exit. 

All of this to say – thank you all for coming last night.  What better way to welcome Nadine’s baby then to gather the women who have been along for her ride.  And a big thank you to Marla – my partner in shower-organization.  Whose ability to make almost anything pretty always blows me away.   You make my life better, period.

And lastly, Nadine, can I say once again how you have enriched my life?  This baby, your family, and of course lovable you – I wish you all the very very best in the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to meet the newest Silverthorne and introduce it to our late night parties.  You’re good to go.  Now bring that baby into this world and let me shower it with love, please?


  1. metro mama said

    It was so nice to meet you again. I would love to go for drinks sometime.

    I too am so pleased and amazed by the friends I’ve made through the blogosphere.

  2. Marla said

    Here here!

  3. kgirl said

    No – thank YOU for inviting us all to get together, and for the very best reason there is. And you are just as wonderful in person as you are in the internet world.

  4. I am so fortunate to have met such wonderful, smart and inspiring women through this strange medium. I thank all of you for celebrating the impending birth of my child with me last night.

    I am especially thankful for Marla and Kate. Without your friendship, your love and your unending generosity I could not have survived this bumpy journey we call motherhood. I don’t think I could have ever imagined the need for such friendship until I had a child. My only hope is that I can give some of the same back to you.

  5. I’ve said it before: odds are one of us should be a serial killer but somehow we’ve evaded that stat.

    Last night was a beautiful (and yummy) time. I’m glad we could all celebrate Nadine’s soon to be addition in such style (and I haven’t stopped thinking or talking about that cake… drool…).

  6. Lisa b said

    I am so sad I couldn’t make it.
    Beautiful post Kate and nice work both you and Marla organising this for Nadine.

  7. Andrea said

    Thanks, Kate. And I’m so glad I came, even though I didn’t get to talk to you at all. You and Marla did a great job.

  8. It was really just such a lovely evening, with lovely women. Really, really awesometastically lovely.

  9. Marla said

    And yes – thanks everyone, for coming. You were all lovely, and chose such wonderful onesies for Nadine. And thanks so much for not taking so much of the whipped cream and raspberries, because our end of the table got seconds.

  10. kittenpie said

    Kate, it was so good to meet you, because I always hear your name from Marla and Scarbie and hadn’t yet had the pleasure. Thanks for being half of the organizing team – it was a really nice time, so different from too many other showers I’ve seen!

  11. Gabriella said

    So sad and sorry I couldn’t make it. It sounded wondeful.

  12. b*babbler said

    Sounds like a wonderful time!

    You’ve summed up exactly why I made the great leap into the blogosphere!

  13. Jen said

    It was such a fabulous evening. Thank you so much for organizing. And for the cake. The cake!

  14. Jana said

    It was an awesome time. I’m glad to have the chance to meet you and some more inspiring ladies! Hope we can get together again…

  15. postcardsfromthemothership said

    Ugh – I may simply expire from jealousy if I read one more post about this baby shower! Seriously!!

    (I’m grudgingly glad, though, that a good time was had by all…)

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