the one where I tell the internet


So what do you think of Alice’s new t-shirt, hmmm???  I bought it on and it’s very comfy, not too itchy, fits her perfectly, and yes I know it’s black but there is some pink on it so she’s fairly happy with it and…oh, sorry, what’s that now?

Yes, it’s true.  Pregnant.  With a human child we believe.  Due early April 08.

Here we go again!

(umm, this is the part where you say “oh, two kids is a wonderful idea!  It’ll be great.  Lots of sleeping in and quiet moments.  It’s really relaxed and not that difficult at all.”  Right?)



  1. chichimama said


  2. metro mama said


  3. Lisa b said

    Totally Brilliant Idea.

  4. b*babbler said

    Holy crap! Way to go!

    Yay you for making the leap!

    Amidst a plethora of exclamation points, congratulations!!!

  5. motherbumper said

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot hang out with you kids because I cannot get pregnant – no time – and it seems to be contagious in your neck of the woods 😉 I’m so f’ing happy for you girl.

  6. Congrats!!! Cute shirt.

    It will be fine. Two kids are good. They will keep each other company. They will play together. They will be fine.

    (or they will kill each other.)

  7. Suzanne said

    Congratulations! Two kids are indeed a wonderful thing.

  8. adina said

    woohoo! Numba TWO! So thrillled for you.

  9. crazymumma said

    I think your spread will be about the same as mine. About 4 years between the two? And what a brilliant time of year to have a baby.

    It’s awesome. Most of the time. Hard work of course. But awesome.

  10. kgirlto said

    I’m absolutely thrilled for you!

    and yes, two kids is a wonderful idea! It’ll be great. Lots of sleeping in and quiet moments. It’s really relaxed and not that difficult at all.

    at least, that’s what i’m telling myself.

    (must go order t-shirt.)

  11. kgirl said

    Oh yeah, and the Friends reference? I knew I loved you.

  12. Did you hear that WOOT WOOTING sound emanating from a northeasterly direction? That’s me. 🙂

    I’m so happy for you!

  13. Ingrid said

    Don’t worry – 2 kids is just more stuff. The parenting actually gets easier as your standards drop (plummet). Desmond had potato skins and sour cream at the Mad for dinner the other night. Yay yay yay for all three of you!!!!!

  14. DaniGirl said

    Oh hooray!!! This is great news – and that’s a fabulous t-shirt.

    Congratulations, Kate! I’m thrilled for all of you!!

  15. Ann D said

    Fantabulous. I am so happy for you, Kate!

    And motherhood times two is blissful every single day.

    Disclaimer: One of the statements above may not be entirely accurate. Reader discretion is advised.

  16. Jana said

    Yes, two kids are a complete breeze but don’t quote me on that.

    Congrats! I hope you’re feeling great.

  17. Jen said

    It’s true. Two kids is a wonderful idea! It’ll be great. Lots of sleeping in and quiet moments. It’s really relaxed and not that difficult at all.


    Seriously. Congratulations!!


  18. kittenpie said

    Hey! Congrats! Did you hear HBM is preggy now, too?

  19. Cangrats! I have two and it’s not (too) terrifying. lol.

  20. ali said

    congrats! 🙂

  21. Andrea said


  22. OOoh, Love the shirt! (I’ve come over from kgirl’s)


    And having two is soooo very relaxing. REally. It is. When they’re not driving you insane. 😉

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