and in time (and in time) we will all be stars

The last two weeks have been crazy.  Nuts.  Unbelievable.  Stressful. Overwhelming.  Bizarre. Are you getting my drift yet?  Things so out of control that all I wanted to do was curl up in a brown paper bag and sleep the next few months away. 

First, I almost fainted at the H&M in the Eaton Centre in the maternity section and the hipster kids called 911.  That, my friends, was an interesting experience to say the least.  Sitting behind the counter while trying to catch my breath, as a bunch of 20 year olds stared at me and whispered “are you going to give birth here, miss?”  Miss.  Fuck you, fuckers.  I’m only 14 weeks and just a little out of breath.  Ok, granted, I can’t stand up right now but you don’t have to stare.  A combination of a lot of walking around, carrying a ridiculous amount of shopping bags, and dehydration was the culprit.  Oh, and let me tell you – been carried out on a gurney throughout the Eaton Centre?  Well let’s just say it made my year of course.

Then, my daughter got the croup days before I was to leave for France on a big business trip.  She was feverish, weak, and apparently very contagious.  I came down with a wicked mixture of the flu/cold within hours of arriving in France.  And spent most of my week trying to cope.

I then returned home, started to feel a bit better, only to have Alice start a new daycare and go ballastic.  Crying, tears, the works.  All inside the new daycare with me there too, crying along with her.  Nothing beats seeing a crying pregnant mommy hugging her crying 4 year old, sobbing “this will be a good change for you, you’ll see!” 

And after all of that, I tried to relax with a nice night with Scarbie and her kiddos and some Greek take-out.  Only to have the pipe under my sink spring a huge leak, flooding within minutes.  (That was actually comical, to be honest:  Alice and Nate were running around screaming, Nadine was holding up her poor little baby who was covered in shit, and I was screaming “oh my god, oh my god” as the water poured out).  Matt was not home but did talk me through finding the water source in the basement so I could turn it off.  Word to everyone out there who DOES NOT know where their source is:  find it NOW.  You will thank me later.

A whole bunch of other stuff happened in between all of this, including my extended family going apeshit in other ways (a story for another day).  And surely the two weeks weren’t as terrible as they could have been.  We’re all still here, relatively healthy and happy.  But all of these events did take a toll on me, and I found myself needing a big fat pick-me-up.  Something to raise my spirits and make me just giggle.  And just at the right moment, something perfect came along…

Those of you from my previous lives (pre-blog and pre-baby) might know one important thing about me: I love the movie Fame.  No, like I really love it.  Like I used to dream I could be one of those dancers running through New York.  I did not have the coordination nor the skill, but good lord if I didn’t dream about it all the time.  I can’t really put my finger on the actual tangible thing that makes this movie so…well….loveable for me, but it’s true.  And most especially the below song.  It’s cheesy and terrible and emotional and teary all at the same time.   When the dancers come on, and (sigh) Bruno, (and the leg warmers, the LEG WARMERS!) and when Doris starts clapping along with the music and the drummer nods…sigh…it’s heaven for me.  And a perfect tonic after the last two weeks.


  1. Marla said

    Thank you so much for sharing your hell with us!

    (and did I spy a Xanadu-style hair knob on one of the dancers? Do you love that too?_

  2. motherbumper said

    OMG – I love Fame – I cried so hard at the end, and damn – there is a scene where the blond girl and Coco are in ballet and snipping at each other about Leroy and there is some zinger by Coco about chocolate over vanilla and something about cherries and OMG I NEED TO RENT FAME!

    Um… sorry bout being wheeled out the Eaton’s Centre like that – at lease no handcuffs were involved (right?). I’m sending you positive healthy thoughts.

  3. Wow so sorry to hear all that! I hope your upcoming weeks are less chaotic. If it makes you feel any better, I have been wheel outside eaton centre when hm just opened and the had that live dj and media outside. (Anaphylaxis to peanuts) It sucks and its embarassing but hey, its dtn TO… something crazy will always be happening for people to forget about such “events”

  4. DaniGirl said

    Is it okay to laugh just a little bit, now that it’s all over and done with? Oy, poor you! (I loved the TV show fame, back in the 80s. Never missed it. I caught it once on one of the rerun channels a couple of months ago and was crushed by how not-good it was. Really, it was so amazing then – how could it be not-good now? Sigh. Maybe I need to watch the movie instead.)

  5. kgirlto said

    Passing out at the Eaton Centre while pregnant? Sounds like somebody wanted a little attention, hmmm?

    (kidding! I’m so sorry you had to go through such a tortuous week. Glad everybody is on the mend. No more Eaton Centre until after the baby!)

  6. b*babbler said

    Hmm… is there a possible connection between your love of the movie Fame and being wheeled out of the Eaton Centre on a stretcher? We’re you I heard bellowing “I wanna live forev-er! I wanna learn how to FLY!” last week?

    Kidding, kidding!

    Seriously, glad to hear that you’re surviving a bad couple of weeks and crazy-hipster-inconvenience-causing H&M employees. Hope the next few are a bit better for you. I’m prescribing a weekend tucked in bed with a very good book.

  7. crazymumma said

    Remember Cats and the leg warmers?

    God I love leg warmers. What a totally crap couple of weeks. Hope it is all uphill from here on in.

  8. Lisa b said

    oh my. A stretcher? Girl you are shopping too hard.

  9. Jen said

    Oh lordy. Even I’ve never shopped until I literally dropped. Things can only get better. And I haven’t thought about Fame in forever so thanks for that blast from the past. I’m going to locate my water shut off valve now.

  10. Yikes, that sounds like HELL. I have, sadly, learned the shutoff valve lesson. Having learned that lesson, I would add that you should have shutoff valves added beneath each faucet with each plumbing emergency.

    It was nice to meet you today!

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