I feel the boy, I feel the boy

I’m on another can’t-stop-the-damn-song train.   I’ll have a song in my head and it wrecks havoc on my life.  It plays like a sound track in my dreams – except that it’s just one song over and over again.  And, there’s an extra bit of crazy I throw in to whatever song is on constant repeat – I purposely mix up words and add in new lyrics.  I know, how crazy am I?  (Stand back, friends, obviously I trump any of your wild antics).  One summer I had the song “Daydream Believer” in my head, and every time I got to the chorus I would think “cheer up, Sneaky Dees.”  (um, yes.  That’s a bit of a shout out to my university, Kensington Market days when my best friend and I had to have an apartment that was in “stumbling distance” of a certain Toronto watering hole).  All of this to say I do this to MYSELF and it drives me bananas.

The song of the day now is Feist’s “I Feel It All.”  But yet I can’t stop singing “I feel the boy, I feel the boy” everytime.  And that is solely because I am convinced that this alien inside me is a boy.  It feels boy. It moves boy.  It makes me think boy.

It’s a boy, right?

Maybe it’s just that I’m surrounded by so much pink and glitter these days with my firstborn that I’m wishing for something that isn’t there.  And hey, it can always be a tomboy, right?

I have my next ultrasound in a few weeks, and we’ll see if the spawn cooperates and lets us see the goods.



  1. landismom said

    I have to say that I predicted the gender of both of my children before the ultrasound. I think it is possible that you *know* what you’re having!

  2. crazymumma said

    shrug. I dunno hon. Do you want to find out?

    But it sure was good to see you and I am so glad you are not fainting all over the damn place anymore….

  3. b*babbler said

    Ooh, the choice of song to go wildly careening around your head is so much better than mine. This weekend I alternated between the Elmo’s World song and the Spiderman theme song (of which I only know the first two lines).

    Good luck with the ultrasound! I never had any idea of what Peanut was until they told me, so I’m always fascinated by those who get “a feeling”.

  4. motherbumper said

    Show us the goods baby! Or should I say “show momma the goods so she can brace herself for pink overload or new in blue”.

  5. Lisa b said

    I don’t even know that song and I am laughing.
    I hope the kid cooperates!

  6. adina said

    I hope it’s a girl if ony so that you can recycle a.’s clothes.
    If you get a boy, remember to wipe UNDER the penis. Don’t ask.

    I have all this nauseating sports motif clothing that I got when I told people I was having a boy, which was the only bad part about finding out what I was having. I don’t get the whole “I want it to be a surprise” thing. I mean, are you such a surprise junkie that having a baby you have never seen before come out of your vagina is not surprising enough?

  7. adina said

    and by you, I met “one”.

  8. thordora said

    I’m so happy I have a short attention span. I never get songs stuck in my head.

  9. Jen said

    Um, not to be nosy (lies! totally to be nosy) but is the few weeks up yet?

  10. […] I started to get the “feeling”, the something that told me the sex of this baby, I started to doubt myself.  Since my c-section with Alice, I […]

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