That’s the sex of our baby.  Undetected.  Not known.   No legs uncrossed, apparently.

I had the 20 week ultrasound last week and waited on the edge of my ever-lovin’ seat last weekend for the midwife to call and give me the news.   You know what sucks the big one?  The system in Ontario where the ultrasound technician CAN’T give you any details and you have to wait for your midwife/doctor to tell you a few days later.  It’s perhaps the only thing I regret when choosing a midwife over a OB – at least some of the OBs have the machines in their offices and you can ask them questions right there and then.  In my case, I always get the seemingly unfeeling cold techinicians who could give a rat’s ass that this baby actually lives inside me and therefore I might be allowed a comment or two about how the baby is doing.  Instead, I have to listen to them talk into their microphone about baby’s spine and heart and get absolutely no explanation whatsoever.  And then at the end of this, I get the cursory look at the baby for a few seconds while the technician says things like “ok?  ok?  Feel better now?” 


Anyway, the midwife finally called a few days later to give me the report and yes, as the title suggests, the sex came back as “undetected.” Apparently the technician didn’t get a good enough picture of the baby, so they are recommending I go back at 24 weeks to get another one.   The report said that the baby “looks” healthy, but they can’t be sure with the crappy shots they got of it. Which of course gets me a little pissy because that technician could have said something like “hey, I can’t seem to get a good picture of important things like your baby’s heart – can you jump around a bit or drink this orange juice?”  And yes, we did want to know the sex of the baby, but really I would have settled for a concrete answer about its health.

So blah.

But other than that, things are good.  Baby is moving all the time, I am starting to be able to eat dinner again, and we bought a new couch.  In that order – that is how I am evaluating my life these days.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.



  1. crazymumma said

    I am glad you can eat dinner again. That nausea….ugh. How well I remember.

    I like that all they said is no gender determination. No other worries….excellent.

  2. Lisa b said

    Talk to me about unhelpful medical professionals baby.
    Like you need even one more iota of stress.

    purchasing furniture while pregnant is a major, major accomplishment.

  3. landismom said

    I had the same thing happen with my son–and we never knew his gender until he emerged. Sooo frustrating.

  4. Jen said

    I know. We had the techs grabbing the doctor and doing the “oh my god, do you see this too. Is it? Could it be? Take a closer look. Oh never mind…” To this day I still don’t really know what the hell they were looking at. Think only of your new couch. You can spend days thinking about the perfect throw pillows to keep your mind of other things.

  5. adina said

    Maybe it’s a herm!
    That would be cool.
    I hated the 20-week. So invasive and so long. But our technician at Mt. Sinai actually told us the sex when we asked. Why are all the technicians so grumpy?
    They hate people.

  6. DaniGirl said

    Ugh, I would be driven mad by not knowing! But seriously, the behaviour you describe must be a Toronto thing or something, because I got the fully-narrated-while-watching-the-monitor version of all my ultrasounds whether I had the OB or the midwife do the referral. My mom, who came in with me (husbands get a little jaded after the fifth pregnancy, I guess), was regaled with full descriptions of the organs, the relevance of each measurement and the baby’s attitude in utero during my last ultrasound because she showed an interest.

    Anyway, glad you are feeling better and okay with surprises! Can you schedule your next ultrasound for Ottawa? 😉

  7. kgirl said

    that totally sucks. bee was uncooperative, and we ended up just not knowing. this one was more cooperative, even though chris tried to convince me that we didn’t need to know. whatever dude.
    btw, i went to a wonderful, warm, and talkative u/s tech for all of mine. email me if you want deets.

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