you are the music in me

Ok.  It has happened.  I have MOST OFFICIALLY crossed over the uncool side.  Not only uncool, but the sell-out side too.  And I blame my daughter.  My red/pink/frilly/lacy/all-things-branded/merchandising-loving daughter.  I am a shadow of my former self.  York University called to take back its degree in Women’s Studies, and my former Queen Street West friends have removed me from their speed dial.

Let me explain a bit.

Since turning 4 years old (or even before that, to be honest), Alice has been swept up in all things merchandised.  And the more traditionally “girly”, the more enticing.  Barbie, Disney, Polly Pocket – these are her best friends.  I’ve tried to introduce her to the less offensive ones, the girls with spunk and sass and smarts.  But she shrugs me off.  When I helpfully hand her a little Madeline or Olivia or even Eloise, she shoves a huge book of singing princesses in my face, saying “but this is who I love, mommy!”

And now lately, she has moved onto characters from the terrible most awful franchise called High School Musical.  When she sees the two lead characters dance and sing together, her eyes glaze over in a trance of Disney-love and I want to wrap a hand sewn shawl made by Naomi Klein around her. 

But the worse part?  I’ve allowed it to happen.  I’ve let her watch the movies and go see the ice show because truthfully, this is who my daughter is.   Despite my best efforts for otherwise, Alice truly loves these branded toys.  She loves Gabrielle and Troy.  She loves dancing around to “the music in me” song from that horrible movie, and she loves watching it over and over AND OVER again.

But even worse than the worst part I mentioned above?  Oh god, here comes my shameful secret.  The reason why I feel like a sell-out, and why I will be shaking under the blankets tonight:  somehow through osmosis, I have learned the lines to Music in Me.  As in – it lives in my brain.  And sometimes, while doing the dishes or surfing blogs, I will start singing it.  Disney has entered my consciousness and won’t let me go.  I’m a part of their army now – when the reserves for the Mouse get called up, I’ll have to go willingly.

It’s all over from here.



  1. crazymumma said

    Heh heh.

    glad I’m not the only one.

    Let her watch Hairspray. The new one. Zac is in that one as well. And the singing and dancing is awesome.

  2. Marla said

    Well, I can embrace that part of you in the same way that though I must occasionally tweeze ear hairs from my husband’s canals, I still love him. And it could be worse – what if she grows up to love wispy-voiced Swedish chick singers in moody synth bands? That would be horrible!

    (she types as her daughter is touching her nose and tickling the sky with Dora and Boots)

    And the good news is that she’s a nice, polite, fun kid to be around. That’s what really matters. That and that she doesn’t grow up to love sucktastic airy breathy weird girls with moody songs.

    (like her mother)

  3. Calm down, it’s okay, truth be told I was singing Dora the Explorer theme song before I clicked over (so ashamed, so very very ashamed).

  4. Jen said

    OK. When you start playing Webkinz arcade games when your kids are in bed because you really want to earn enough kinzcash to buy your virtual beagles and reindeer trampolines even though you hate the whole idea of internet toys and overpriced stuffed animals and falling prey to marketers, you really cannot hold the whole High School Musical thing over someone. But if you get a Zac poster to hang in your kitchen, then I will re-earn the right to poke fun…

  5. Marla said

    PS – are you shelling out for Disney Princesses on Ice? Josephine caught the commercial this morning, and she didn’t ask, but just as with the My Little Pony show, we each don’t have to suffer such things alone…

  6. landismom said

    It happens to the best of us, unfortunately.

  7. Lisa b said

    Resistance is futile. I’ve been luckier but that is most likely because I only have a couple of courses in Women’s studies.
    Princesses on Ice? Now I feel like a bad mother depriving my girl.

  8. urbanmummy said

    Princesses on ice? Wow.

    I think I’m glad I have boys. But that’s a whole other kettle of fish! It’s a difficult line to walk, that’s for sure!

  9. adina said

    You know that all of this crap she consumes will be rejected by her teens only to be resurrected in her twenties in a fit of ironic hilarity: “Mom, do you still have my polly pockets? I am going to a turn-of-the-century theme party.
    I think I am older than you, but was I the only one dragging adults to Xanadu matinees?

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