I get by with considerable help from my friends

Five years in, and I’m still amazed at how all consuming this parenting gig can be.  You would think by now I would have accepted and embraced the fact that I am someone’s everything.  Well, to be clear, her DAD and I are her everything – with Matt these days probably taking the majority of that everything, leaving me with the leftovers.  But regardless, somehow I have managed to become this all-consuming force in this child’s life.  A prospect that leaves me breathless, joyful, and downright terrified most of the time.

I manage to navigate through this mess of a mommyhood, however, with the help of some excellent women.  They are my windows to a reality check, a phone call to a laughing fit instead of a breakdown.  And during this second pregnancy, they have been invaluable sources of comfort and experience.  Last weekend, these lovely women threw me an excellent non-traditional baby shower to welcome the little penis who currently lives inside the uterus.  A good night at a local restaurant we tend to frequent in Leslieville here in Toronto.  Nothing over the top – no silly games or contrived platitudes.  They know me well, these women.

So Marla and Nadine, if you are reading this, thank you from the very bottom of my hormonal self.  You made this pregnant woman’s year. 


  1. Marla said

    That’s very nice. Now go to bed. It’s five after eleven, and you’re very pregnant, you know.

    And, of course, you’re welcome.

  2. kgirl said

    good buds certainly help. moms need playdates too.

  3. crazymumma said

    its nice huh? friends.

  4. I would leave a lengthy comment, but really, I’m just going to call you like 25 times today, so what’s the point?

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