still here

And no baby yet.

My official due date is this Saturday.  I just keep getting bigger and bigger and more impatient.  And yes, a little anxious about the birth itself.  But mostly impatient and wanting this part of the baby-making to be OVER already.

My midwife is coming over tomorrow to try a “stretch and sweep”, so will try to get things going.  Anybody else had this before?  I know it’s fairly common, but I just thought I would (of course) ask the internet its opinion on this procedure.  Because the internet never lets me down, you know.



  1. Marla said

    Yes – on the Monday check up on the day before Josie was due, I had one. Had Josie 3:56 am Wedsnesday morning.

    One twinge – and it was fine.

  2. cheryl said

    I have had *many* “stetch and sweeps.” Not really my favourite thing. They weren’t unbearable. But not pleasant, either. They did not work at all for my first child, but I do think they brought on labour for the second child.

  3. Jen said

    Good luck with it all. And I have no idea what a stretch and sweep is. Sounds like some new version of the swiffer.

  4. urbanmummy said

    I had one, but, I don’t recall if it did much. Wasn’t much, really, just a bit of discomfort.

    Good luck! Easy labour and all that.

  5. I had my membranes swept twice with my first kid and it wasn’t nearly as successful in bringing on labor as a big old dose of pitocin was. Good luck! 🙂

  6. kgirl said

    I had many. many. Make sure she at least takes you out for dinner first.

    Good luck! Thinking efficient labour thoughts for you.

  7. Mary L. said

    I had a sweep too — on my due date. My son was born six days later.

    But I’d heard that taking long walks worked. Then I read in my baby book that they didn’t work. But, ultimately, the walk did it.

    I’ll be thinking of you. Nice relaxing opening thoughts.

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