not. favourable.

Well, due to some delays (apparently some other women had the nerve to go into labour yesterday AND today), my midwife wasn’t able to come over to check me until this afternoon.  (But I have to say – how awesome is it that she can come right to my house and check my cervix in my own home?  I will say again how grateful I am to be living in a place where this kind of care is not only available, but free!).  And after she stuck her fingers up my – ahem – lady parts, she told me what I had already guessed – the cervix, she ain’t open yet.  No dilation.  In technical terms – my cervix is not favourable.  (you can guess the fun I had with that one).   But to reassure me (because she is so sweet, after all), the midwife did say that it’s getting to a good point.  That it’s softening and ripening, and all of those odd words that make me think of fruit going bad on a windowsill somewhere.

So, now I’m taking my doses of Actaea Racemosa (Black Cohosh) and sticking the Evening Primrose Oil pills where the sun don’t shine, and waiting and waiting for my cervix to play along.  I see her again on Monday morning, where she’ll see if I have dilated so she can perform the actual stretch and sweep. 

Thanks for all of your good wishes and advice.  Glad to know I have some internets out there along for the ride with me.  Maybe you too would be interested in having my midwife come to your house and stick her gloved hand up your hoo-ha?  Or, you could always think of the stretch and sweep in a different light, the way Nadine did when she said to me “oh, there’s nothing to get anxious about.  You’re just going to get fi$(%ted by some woman.”


  1. adina said

    I tried my darndest to go into proper labour, but no fingering by a midwife or spicy food or trips up and down the stairs was going to make that big baby exit without pitocin. perhaps the best plan is no plan?

    The evening primrose, however, was great at keeping things all supple and stretchy – I am convinced it’s the reason i didn’t tear. Big adventure #2 ahead! Healthy baby, happy Kate, and smooth journey over the next crazy few days!

  2. Lisa b said

    Oh lucky you. It is all so violating but really at this point you are so desperate to get the baby out you feel grateful for it.
    I never did get fisted at home though. This last baby was very uncooperative.

    Keep us posted!

  3. Lisa b said

    oh hey I just emailed you but it came back with an out of office.
    hoping you are in labour!

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