oh yes.

Did you come here thinking there was a baby out of the womb?  Because there isn’t.  He’s content to hang out inside my body and drive me to distraction.  He is getting a head start on that, I suppose.

But the good news is that the Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose Oil is doing the trick.  The midwife had a good ‘ole time up in my business on Monday and happily reported the remedies are doing the trick – the cervix, she is softening.   It wasn’t considered a full “stretch and sweep” because I wasn’t still fully dilated (gawd I love writing about my bits on the internet), but lordy lordy I felt the cramping instantly.  She was up there roaming around for almost 10 minutes, while I focused on breathing and pretending to ignore the little voice inside me that said “CRAP!  This is going to hurt much MUCH worse than this!”

I have another stretch and sweep scheduled for Friday morning, so we’ll see how much further I have progressed then.  Because it is a VBAC, I can’t be induced the hospital way (with oxytocin), as that is one of the risks for uterine rupture.  As well, after a week overdue things become a little more sketchy with a VBAC, and for that reason I have given my consent to go to c-section at that point.  So basically, if baby penis doesn’t want to make his way down and out before Sunday, we will move to having the c section on Monday.  Which, to be perfectly honest, I am OK with.  He’s already been in there 3 weeks longer than his sister, and the whole point of this VBAC trial for me was to let my body try and do its own thing. 

And so, we wait.   Everyone had prepared me for this crazy state of waiting you go through post due date, but really it is insanity-making.  I can see how easily it would be to become depressed during this period.  I’m trying to keep my spirits up, and sleep/read/eat a lot.  But there are moments where I start to get obsesssive about things like OHMYGOD have I not felt the baby move in 5 minutes?   Jesus lord I must drink a latte to wake him up.  And then sure enough, poor penis is jolted awake and made to move around by his freaking-out mama.  Just a shade of what is to come, my child. 





  1. DaniGirl said

    i feel for ya, sista. and fwiw, ‘baby penis’ made me laugh loud enuff to wake the babe in my arms… thx for that!!

    come on out baby….

  2. Dude! Give your mom a break – you can pull these stunts outside the joint.

    The wait – gah. Mine was no near as long as yours but it still drove me bonkers. Sending you positive stuff like vibes girlfriend. I’m think of ya.

  3. Marla said

    Wow – a woman who complains that a penis is spending too much time inside her. That’s rare.

  4. kgirl said

    marla’s comment made me just about pee in my pants. not much to add now, except that i’m hoping you meet the penis before monday.

  5. Lisa b said

    I’ll just go with my usual – BABY GET OUT!

    Also have to mention I had no idea there were standards of ‘stretch and sweep’.
    lucky me.

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