and then came Henry

After 41 hours of labour, 1 hour of pushing, and many many moments of “mother f$@*ker, get this kid outta me!”  the beautiful babe arrived April 13, 2008 at 7:06PM.  All 9lbs 14 oz of him.  Who said you couldn’t have a successful VBAC with a (close to) 10 lb baby?? 


Birth story to come. For the time being, I am a little bed bound while I heal my umm…wounds.  But suffice to say, I am so happy to have done the VBAC.  Now I get to enjoy my chilled out little boy, and start this new chapter in my life.  Whew!





  1. crazymumma said

    That is a beautiful baby. Way to go. Let the games begin!

  2. You rock it girl. What a strapping handsome boy!

  3. chichimama said


  4. Lisa b said

    He is such a little man.

  5. OMG – He is so perfectly beautiful – congratulations to you and your family. Awwww I wanna kiss the screen, he’s that yummy looking.

  6. Jen said

    Whoo hoo! So adorable. Congratulations!!!

  7. b*babbler said

    You rock mommy!

    What a deliciously yummy baby!

  8. kgirl said

    welcome baby henry! he’s adorable. can’t wait to read his story.

    (41 hours?! wow. way to go, mama.)

  9. adina said

    Congratulations! I am in complete awe of the size of the baby and span of labour. He already looks 2 months old! Such a beautiful boy!

  10. Mia said

    Congratulations to you all – he’s a lovely, beautiful, BIG baby boy! Can’t wait to hear the birth story, but for now rest and heal and enjoy the newest baby on the block.

  11. metro mama said

    Great photo! Congratulations!

  12. DaniGirl said

    Yay Kate! Yay Henry! (41 hours? Yikes!)

    He’s lovely and fleshy and delicious, just the way I love them! Congratulations!

  13. congrats!

  14. landismom said

    Congrats! What a lovely boy.

  15. ragdoll said

    Congratulations! He’s lovely.

  16. Mary L. said

    Way to go! And congratulations.

    Babies rule.

  17. Jen said

    You rock!!! I also had a 9lb, 10oz VBAC!! Best wishes for a quick recovery… my VBAC recovery was light speed in comparison to my CS – hope you experience the same! Big hugs, Jen

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