why I need friends to survive the winter

The space between my blog posts is getting larger and larger.  Oh blawgh, you are kind of boring me.

So the post-holiday suckage has set in, and I have been trapped in the house with a teething baby.   The frigid temperatures have meant I have spent many a day alternating Henry between his different “stations” around the house to pass the time as quickly as possible.  There is the “feeding station” (in the feeding chair), the “exersaucer station”, the “jumpy thing” station”, and I think you get the picture.  Of course, all Henry wants to do is move move move around the room.  He has mastered the butt-scoot and is now wrecking havoc on my life with all of this mobility.  Crap child, why learn to move?  Why not be thankful for a half hour in the exersaucer and leave it at that?  Meh.

Despite my moping around, however, I have managed to get some cherished time in with some of my most cherished friends.  Including this one and that one.  A lot of the time, these dates include beer, pizza, and much venting and eye rolling.  And sometimes, these dates are also caught on film.  Like below.

There are things about this video that I just love – like Nadine’s voice when she says “oh sure!” when Alice asks her to make up a contest, my daughter’s crossing of her arms over her chest when she is listening to Nadine’s plan, Nate’s obvious interest in something else entirely, and my ridiculously witchy giggle when Nadine tells them to lie down.  But mostly I love it because it will always remind me of a snowy day in January when two friends ordered beer and pizza to make it through another dinner hour together.



  1. Yes, you can all thank me later for inventing the best game/contest of all time. I have been using this successfully at parties for for over a decade, intimidating small children into doing as I say in order to win the best prize of all — my respect and admiration.

    (Both of which the writer of this blog has earned through her appreciation for all things sleep, beer, pizza and the bullying of younglings — but above all, for being the best friend and neighbour a girl could dream of having.)

    The Greatest Game Inventor of All Time

  2. Marla said

    Heh – note our timestamps. Glad I got the Marc Jacobs “Serva Me Servabote” bracelets for us all.

  3. Jen said

    I keep asking myself why we live in this climate. The US has Obama AND southern California winters. Glad your posse is keeping you sane!


    I also recommend the “who-can-get-dressed-the-fastest-and-get-outside contest.”

    p.s I need peeps like you to have over for beer and pizza too. *sigh*

  5. camilla said

    fuck, I wish I was there too.

  6. aaaannnd… now I want a beer. And pizza.

  7. lora said

    I want beer and pizza now too. And it’s only 10.46am.

    I found your blog through your twitter profile. I hope things are better now, nearly a month and a half later! Spring is starting to come to us down here in Philly, so that means that Toronto should see the weather break in- oh- six months or so. Hang in there!

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